Aries ♈️ :- This full moon you are required to come out of your comfort zone and take the leap of faith . You will find your dream destination in the adventures of life. Planning and plotting will not give you what you are seeking. It’s time to jump into the unknown and the universe will hold you . Be less emotional during this full moon . Try to keep yourself well hydrated. Do not let your emotions take over you . Take care of your pet animals

Taurus ♉️ :- This full moon is knocking on your door with opportunities . The hunger to excel and be known will amplify . Be in control of your hyper energy, aggressive attitude can take over your otherwise calm nature . Be confident that what you are presented with is for you , release the self doubt totally. The universe brings a very powerful force into your life so make sure you benefit from it .

Gemini ♊️ :- This full moon you are going to feel the loneliness. You will find yourself at a juncture where you need to know few details about your life ( personal and professional both ) . The moon is making you reflect inwards as all that you are seeking is already within you , the question is do you have the ability to see it yourself. You have accomplished a lot how far are you going to pin your finish line . It’s time to find yourself.

Cancer ♋️: This full moon you have to focus on your goals . Bring your attention to your knowledge as the road you have chosen is a long one . To help you reach your destination you need to fine tune your skills as your vision is already set . The energy is positive and rewarding around you , you are slowly becoming the person you set out to be . The next 2 months will give you enough resources to learn

Leo ♌️:- This full moon brings you close to yourself and your old and conservative ideology. Your conservative beliefs can result in a heartbreak . You have to see the other side of the coin , you have to meet people halfway. The universe is shaking you up so that you understand that change is happening and you need to change along with time . Take care of any emotional situation which may arise during this powerful full moon

Virgo ♍️:- This full moon brings you to a place where you will find peace at the end of the day . Your work is your focus area and it will bring you good results. The moon energies will give you more power to accomplish your goals. This time it’s all about how much you can achieve is a given time. You want to finish more and more things and close the circle . You may be travelling a lot in the next two month or the year end . Overseas travel most likely

Libra ♎️:- This full moon will make to work at a fast pace . You will want to complete your work at a lighting speed . The sentiment of “ too much work and too little a time “ will constantly be on your mind . You may choices to make and it will be difficult to understand which will reap benefits. Listen to a wise man’s perspective and then decide. A major career shift is going to happen for you during this power full moon .

Scorpio ♏️:- This full moon brings you loads of happiness and celebration. A happy occasion will take place . Friends and family will be supportive , their presence will bring more joy in your life . This is also a powerful time for you to wish for something; make you are mindful of your words and thoughts. Whatever you put into the universe is what will come through

Sagittarius ♐️:- This full moon brings you contentment from the family. Spending time with family members will be your priority. Happiness for you will be your family . You are gathering courage and love from them to build your inner fire . The moon energies will ignite a fire in your belly to come back with a roar in your professional life . You want to roar like a lion at work and be rewarded. Be open to learning new skills to walk this path

Capricorn ♑️:- This full moon you will drain you of your energies. Emotions will be difficult to handle , things will hurt you more than the reality. The choice is yours if you want to look at life from a pessimistic point or an optimistic view. The uncertainty about future is going to trouble you a lot . Confusion, mood swings will affect you . Take care of your emotional health during this time .

Aquarius ♒️:- This full moon you can accept some difficult moments. Anger , addictions and anxiety will trouble you a lot . You want to shine but the circumstances will not let you take the lead . You have to become much more stronger to face the challenges during this time period . People can deceive you so be watchful and warned .

Pisces ♓️:- This full moon you are going to shine like a star . The universe gives you all the signals and signs that you are being protected and guided. You work is going to take centre stage during this time . Expect some good news coming on the career front. Stay inquisitive and explore your options and opportunities.